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Alpine PXE-H650

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Alpine PXE-H650

If you're adding amplifiers to a factory system and want the best possible sound, put the PXE-H650 System Integration Sound Processor into your system. It takes the output of your factory radio, cleans it up, and applies special IMPRINT sound-shaping technology so your amps get a clean signal. You'll build a great-sounding system while keeping the look and functionality of your factory radio's dashboard setup, steering wheel controls, and factory extras.

A 512-band equalizer removes the preset EQ curve from your factory radio's output, sending a clean "flat" signal to your amplifiers through four sets of preamp outputs. High- and low-pass filters for each output channel route the right frequencies to each amp.

IMPRINT sound tuning technology
The PXE-H650 takes the guesswork out of system setup with the impressive automatic sound tuning feature. Connect the included microphone and place it in your preferred listening position in the vehicle. IMPRINT will analyze the acoustics in each listening postion, adjusting the sound so that any seat in the car can be the best seat in the house.

You can use either the PXE-H650's controls or a PC loaded with the supplied software for easy system setup and adjustment. Like to tweak it yourself? No problem — you'll find a built-in 3-band parametric equalizer, manual crossover controls, and manual time-correction controls built in as well.


  • system integration sound processor for use when adding amps to a factory system
  • four sets of preamp outputs (front 1, front 2, rear, and subwoofer)
  • IMPRINT sound technology with a 512-band EQ and time correction
  • manually adjustable 3-band parametric EQ
  • high- and low-pass filters
  • included microphone allows custom sound shaping for your vehicle
  • warranty: 1 year