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Pioneer TS-WX110A

Giá: 5.940.000 VNĐ

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Extremely Compact Design fits underseat
Requires only 80mm height clearance
150W MOSFET Amplifer
Nominal Input power: 50W
21cm×13cm (12.8 x 20.8cm) Flat Oval Aluminium Woofer
Aluminium Die-cast heat-sink
Wired Remote Control-for adjustment of phase, cutoff, frequency and gain control from the drivers seat.
RCA and speaker level Inputs
Frequency Response: 40 Hz-200 Hz
Built-in variable Low-pass filter: 50 Hz-125 Hz (- 12dB/oct.)
External size: 280 mm (W) ×80 mm (H) ×200 mm (D)